40% of top US firms to fail due to inability to adapt to Social Media & New Technology.

Content uploaded to Youtube in just two months(1,440 hours) far exceeded that of 525,600 hours of airing by ABC, NBC, and CBS combined, which is 365X larger! If you are gasping for breath, brace yourself for it is not slowing down.

It is fundamental for businesses to realise that they are discussed on various online social platforms. An inadequate or passive social media policy may harm your brand image and prove disastrous! Businesses isolated from these conversations will essentially be forgoing this competitive edge pursued by all other competitors and could potentially be displaced.

You might be losing half of your customers if you're not socially mobile!

With over 50% of all searches now being done on mobile devices, it's no longer enough just to have a website! By 2014, internet usage will be dominated by a smart phone. Adequate strategic adaptation will be substantial for every business to stay on top of the game. Is your company prepared for this change?

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